The Tehrmelern

Known Facts

  • Very roughly humanoid, furred, somewhat resembling otters or bears.
  • Comfortable in Earth-prime gravity, temperature, and atmosphere.
  • Were extremely widespread in this area of the Fringes up until roughly 1,000 years ago.
  • No living specimens, or bodies other than a few bone fragments, have been found.
  • Oldest confirmed ruins and relics date back roughly 100,000 years. It is virtually certain these are not the oldest possible, as they show technological advancement almost equal to the most recent finds. There are no records of pre-Fringe Tehrmelern, or any indication there are alternate historical Tehrmelern worlds.


  • Most likely the constructors of the Fringepaths; it is also possible they discovered or conquered them, or that they were a client race of the true masters, who remain unknown. Operating theory is that they were the controlling and creating race.
  • Homeworld was very slightly smaller than Earth, based on lesser gravity of Fringepaths. Could be wrong; gravity might be a function of the nature of the paths.
  • Encountered a superior power somewhere on the Fringes; either fled the Fringes, engaged in MAD, or both.

History and OCM

According to official reports and documentations, the use of “OCM” by historians studying the Fringes (the term “Fringe Historian”, while accurate, leads to google results about Holocaust deniers and people who think Atlanteans built the Pyramids, so it is not widely used) stands for “Organization Change Median”, the point, roughly 1000 to 1500 years ago, where Tehrmelern society underwent a rapid transformation, astoundingly fast when compared to the estimated 100,000 years of stability that are indicated by some archeological digs.

The real meaning of the term, and no historian will deny it, is “Oh Crap Moment” — the point when the Tehrmelern found themselves in a situation that a hundred milennia of controlling a culture that encompassed an unguessed number of worlds could not prepare them for. The three theories are:

  • Civil war within the Tehrmelern
  • An encounter with another, alternate, Tehrmelern race with equal access to the Fringes.
  • An encounter with some other race that lead to mutual destruction.


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