More Character Guidelines

More Character Guidelines

This page contains mechanics-specific items, which may or may not make sense at the moment, but which I’m jotting down as I think of them. As usual, at this point (12/10/2011), it’s all subject to change and should be considered incomplete; it’s a work-in-progress.

Advantages, Disadvantages

Generally, avoid any “cinematic”, and especially supernatural/exotic advantages (anything marked with a lightning bolt or alien head is “right out”, by default). At least at game start, all PCs are assumed to be normal Earth humans and that the universe, while slightly more adventurer-friendly than reality, is not “cinematic” in game terms. However, as always, there are exceptions:

Damage Resistance: 1 level can be purchased. (This implies that you’re very tough/combat experienced, and should be reflected in other aspects of your character.)

Enhanced Defenses: This does require Trained By A Master/Weapon Master, as a prerequisite.

Gadgeteer: This can only be bought, at either normal or “quick” levels, with the modifier “Only to replicate Core Earth technology of TL 7 or below”. This reduces the cost by 50%, and is intended to allow Connecticut Yankee style prototyping, or building a computer interface out of “stone knives and bearskins”, as the saying goes.

G-Experience: Unless you’re an astronaut, you cannot purchase this as part of your initial character build, though it could certainly be bought in the second stage.

Gizmo: You can purchase one level of this.

Higher Purpose is permitted, presuming I approve of the Purpose. It represents, in this case, exceptional personal drive and dedication, not any supernatural or mystical effect.

Luck: Normal luck only, not extraordinary or ridiculous.

Mind Shield: It’s been established that there’s some connection between “psionics” and the technology of the Tehrmelern. You can buy mind shield as part of the second stage of character generation, up to two levels total.

Recovery: This can be purchased normally.

Reduced Consumption: Only level 1 can be purchased.

Resistance: The note in the game regarding what an “ordinary human” can have applies.

Signature Gear: Generally permitted, with approval.

Temperature Tolerance: Level 2 maximum.

Temporal Inertia: For this game, there is a different advantage, “Universal Echo”. It costs 5 points. It means that any world which is relatively Earthlike, even those with radically different histories or which are at different points in time, will have a “you” on it, and, furthermore, you’ll likely end up relatively close to your “duplicate”. This costs 5 points. The duplicate will be, by default, at least neutral towards you, though this can change based on how you react to or treat him/her.

Trained By A Master: This advantage is permitted, and reflects exceptional combat training and constant practice and dedication. The exact skill or other prerequisites will be discussed based on what specific background events gave you this training.

True Faith: On worlds where there are genuine supernatural entities, this advantage applies; since such worlds are not common, there’s a 50% cost reduction (so it costs 8 points).

Weapon Master: At the 30 point level, maximum, with the same notes and caveats as Trained By A Master.

More Character Guidelines

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