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This is the main page for my Wiki, which seems odd, since I’ve already entered a Home Page. Go figure.

Anyway, the Home Page is the main campaign overview, and it may be edited a few dozen times before we actually begin, as things slowly shape up in my brain.

The Platform Guide contains information on known platforms and the worlds they lead to. As of 12/5/2011, this is extremely incomplete, and will be filled in over time, though I’ll probably never list every “known” world, as some will be added when needed or thought of over time. Because Obsidian Portal allows for “GM Only” information entries, what’s posted in the player-readable section is knowledge PCs will have access to, in-character; it represents information IDET has found and is willing to share with anyone working for them. Whether or not your characters individually bother to do this research is up to you, but there’s nothing in the player-accessible portions which you’d need to “forget” when it comes to in-character knowledge.

The Character Guidelines page contains most of the information I’ve sent you, as well as a really long pile of information I didn’t send you that’s been in draft form in gmail for about two weeks. Some of it will eventually be moved to the world background sections as needed. Those who like either sausage or RPG campaigns should not watch either being made.

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