Corn Maze

The Corn Maze

This is the name given to the pocket stop at 0, +1, 2. The portal opens into a broad, circular, area, about 75 feet in diamater, bounded by a twelve foot high wall of densely-packed vegetation somewhat resembling Core Earth corn, but taller and thornier. A dozen pathways lead out of this circular area, into an immense maze that seems to have no obvious ending. Anything penetrating more than 10 feet above the top of the maze vanishes into an unknown otherspace. Attempts to breach the maze attract swarms of locust-like creatures that drip acidic venom and seem to manifest out of nowhere. The “corn” is edible by humans, and there have been thirty one different types identified.

During the first expedition, the IDET team was set upon by a horde of violent berserkers, who had gear made of bone and leather. After the attackers were driven off, examination of one corpse showed the gear they used was human in origin. Current speculation is that the maze is home to one or more tribes of such beings, who seemed to be slightly deviant from the human norm.

A second expedition uncovered several oddities, including a hubcap from a ‘57 Chevy and a few other fragments such as gum wrappers and an empty Coke can, that all seemed to date to the late 1950’s on Core Earth. Due to the lack of any apparent end to the maze and the risks posed by the locals, the Corn Maze is marked as a low priority world for detailed exploration, though some scientists think its obviously artificial/constructed nature and apparent links to other worlds that do not necessarily involve the portals mean it has secrets worth unveiling.

Corn Maze

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