Innsmouth World
Status Report

[Recording Begins]

Hello? Is this thing on? [sighs]

The second ring has taken us to a savage world that would make Kipling feel right at home. The ocean is everywhere- I hate the ocean. I grew up where there’s nothing bigger than a lake as far as water goes. The sea makes me itchy under my skin- anxious I guess. Which just pisses me off.

The people are something Lovecraft used to jack off to. Half human/half frog from the looks of thing. “Squamous” if I recall correctly. They are primitive, vicious shits. Luckily, Thurston was able to convince them we are messengers from the gods. It took some doing since humans here are slaves and they had a hard time grasping why the divine wouldn’t be in their own image. I gotta say at least religion is good for something- manipulating the yokels.

The leader is a female called Bloodeploop or something. I know her type from Inside. Every now and then you’d come across an inmate that is bugshit crazy. They’re good at hiding it for the most part- they’re just seem meaner than you’re average bear is all. In reality, they just hate- themselves and everyone around them and nothing feels good unless it’s inflicting pain and spilling blood. The men who follow these guys do so out of fear not realizing how expendable they are.

Thurston and Yamata wouldn’t know how to deal with that shit. Sometimes it feels like I am babysitting two-year olds. They are so sheltered and don’t know a damn thing about evil. I’ve seen evil and that briney bitch is evil. I try to shore up Thurston’s story with some Old Testament godly wrath hints since all he can do is spout peace & love hippy shit which is so not going down with the evil cunt. Naturally we let her take us away from the safety of the portal and into a city of monsters just like her.

The Deep Ones have no written language as far as we can tell. They barter. They are barely able to cooperate for common defense. Political power is purely Darwinian with “might making right” being the order of the day. The males raid each other’s settlements and the ruling females are extremely territorial and rarely leave their city. The City of Pearls we are in shares some resemblance to the Mayans (or the Aztecs, fuck what is the difference between them anyways?) as far as architectural style goes.

The humans here are called the Vang. They have at least iron-age level technology and raid the Deep Ones as much as they raid the Vang. The Vang are often enslaved and are seen as weak by our hosts. They believe that the Vang were given as some kind of special pet/draft horse by their Cthulhu-like gods or something. They do worship the portal as the gate to their gods and that worries me. If there is some evil motherfuckers using our portals we will have to be on the lookout. Thurston will probably want to give them free hugs and Yamata will politely as for blood samples.

So the con we are running is getting thin as naturally, in the case of bugshit crazies, our hostess isn’t long on patience. Hopefully Thurston and Yamata are done satisfying whatever the hell curiosity that drew them here in the first place and we can motor. The scam is dependent on us going back to the gods, giving a glowing report and returning with lots of guns so our priestess can go murder a bunch of people. Its like a Bing Crosby Christmas complete with pain and blood.

On a side note: We were approached by a Deep One’s Vang representative. His merchant mistress is more secular and was making a power play against the priestess caste. I had a few choices here:

  • We hear him out and try to support the secularist.
    Pros: Secularists can be manipulated with greed and are generally more open to reason. Another pro is that trade with the free Vang might encourage eventually putting an end to the slavery as slaves make poor customers.
    Cons: Any alliance would have to be a long term endeavor. We couldn’t play at MacArthur in the Phillipines here or we’d just lose our allies and have wasted effort & manpower. Another con is that if we are successful, the evil shits become organized and better able to wipe out the free Vang.
  • We sell out the secularist to the priestesses.
    Pros: We prove ourselves worthy and further strengthen the idea that we are from the gods as champions of orthodoxy. The amount of manpower wasted in the purge weakens our hostess and maybe gets her killed (not that we could be so lucky).
    Cons: Nothing changes, so the barbarity continues and I have condemned a lot of people to die.

I chose option two and sold out the secularists. I didn’t include Yamata or Thurston in on this action as they are innocents and don’t deserve the blood on their hands. Also, if things go FUBAR and we get in trouble back home it falls on me and not them. They’re brilliant scientists and I am a piece of shit. Not a tough call really if it means survival. Damn, I wish Luke was alive, I could use him right about now.

[End Recording]

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